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Fry marbles

That's right, FRY marbles! When glass goes from extreme heat to extreme cold, it cracks from the inside out. Try it yourself! You can even turn your fried marbles into jewelry.

You will need:

Bag of transparent marbles
Frying pan
Oven mitt
Wooden spoon
Large pot
Cold water

What to do:

With adult supervision, place the marbles in the frying pan, and, wearing the oven mitt, heat them over a high heat, stirring with the wooden spoon.

Fill the large pot with cold water, add the ice, and let cool.

When the marbles are piping hot, pour them into the ice water. Let them cool off, then dry.

What happens:

The glass inside the marbles shatters and looks like shimmering crystal. The outside of the marble stays smooth and uncracked.

link: How to Make Fried Shattered Marble Necklaces

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(image via eHow)



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