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Help produce the 1 Second Film

Contribute to the 1 Second Film.

The 1 Second Film is a groundbreaking non-profit collaborative film experiment being created by thousands of participants around the world, from celebrities like Kevin Bacon and Stephen Colbert, to first-time filmmakers like Freddy Brown.

Together they are making the World's Biggest Shortest Film: 1 Second of Animation (made of 12 giant collaborative paintings), followed by 1 hour of credits (listing everyone who participates).

To keep people entertained during the credits, a feature-length 'making of' documentary is being made to play during the credit-scroll. The documentary will detail the unlikely story of how so many people joined together for one moment. Once finished, all profits raised by the film will be donated to the Global Fund for Women.

To take part, just join the crew! It's free to join and add your name to the epic movie credits. You can also become a Producer by donating $1 or more, or be a Publicist by referring a friend. There are tons of fun ways to participate, and every contribution makes a difference.

[YouTube link]

The 1 Second Film
Global Fund for Women

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