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Put together a time capsule

Create a collection of memories for the future.

A time capsule is a personalized treasure chest of current history, culture, trends and special memories. It is a way to communicate the present day to the future.

Put together a time capsule and hide it in your attic or basement to open some time in the future.

Ideas for items to put in your time capsule:
  • filled journals
  • letters
  • photos of places that are meaningful to you
  • lists of favorite things
  • small personal items that hold some meaning for you
  • newspaper headlines and clippings
  • TV guide
  • magazines
  • supermarket receipt listing prices
  • top 40 music chart
  • popular toys or tools

  • Use a metal popcorn tin, cookie tin, shoebox or plastic food containers to protect your time capsule treasures until the future.
  • Certain things like photos, newspaper and letters can deteriorate over time. Place them in acid free envelopes, zippered plastic bags or even vacuum sealed bags for protection before including them.
  • Don't add anything that could leak and ruin the contents. Stay away from food of any sort, batteries and of course, liquids.
  • Don't forget to choose a date in the future when your time capsule will be opened!

If you're not so keen on creating a physical time capsule, try an online time capsule instead!

How to Create a Time Capsule
Photojojo’s PhotoTimeCapsule

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