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Play buzzword BINGO.

Are you tired of suffering through endlessly boring presentations during which the speakers just spout a bunch of business buzzwords rather than providing information of actual value? Well, suffer no more!

Print off some buzzword BINGO cards, distribute them to your colleagues, and let the fun begin!

Just check off each buzzword on your card as you hear it. If you get five in a row, you win.

If you're bold, you can yell out the word BINGO to alert others of your victory. If you're not so brave, you may prefer to raise your hand and use the word BINGO in a question to the speaker. Or, you could simply cough to let the other participants know you've won.

Get your buzzword BINGO cards at any of these sites:

Buzz Word Generator
Buzzword Bingo!
Business Buzzword Bingo!
nik & timbob's Buzzword Bingo!
Tom Davis's Buzzword Bingo

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