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Bring literature to life with Facebook

Create a Facebook page for a character from literature.

Sign into Facebook by creating a new identity for your character (you may need a secondary email account to do this).

Fill in the Facebook page as if YOU ARE the character. Include pictures, likes, dislikes, etc ... maybe links or lists that apply. Explore the platform, but make everything suitable for that character!

What would your character's page look like? Who would be on his friends list — or on his blocked list? What would he say to his friends — and what would they say back to him? Which groups would he belong to? What would he say in notes he might post about his life? What events would he list on his site?

You might choose Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Or, how about Ebeneezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol? Or Pony Boy from The Outsiders? Or Celie from The Color Purple? Or Jacob Black from Twilight?

The possibilities are endless — and why limit them to literature? Your Facebook page could be for a historical figure, a famous scientist, an author, a politician ... or someone else. You choose.

If you would rather not set up an actual Facebook page, you can use a "fictionbook" template (for use with Microsoft Publisher) to create a Facebook-like page without a Facebook account.

Facebook a Character
Facebook - A New Twist on an Old Assignment

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