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Whip up some jello shots

Make jello shots for your next party.

Something between a drink and a snack, jello shots are a popular party refreshment made by replacing some of the cold water in a jello recipe with strong alcohol.

Jello shots are relatively simple to prepare, however be sure to get started in plenty of time, as they need to chill thoroughly before being served. You can make them 2 or 3 days before a party if you prefer.

The basic idea is simple,
but once you've mastered it there are plenty of variations to try:

How to Make Jello Shots
Apple Pucker and Cherry Cheesecake Jello Shots
Caffeine Jello Shots
Candy Flavored Jello Shots
Fuzzy Navel Jello Shots
Mojito Jello Shots
Pina Colada Jello Shots
Rainbow Jello Shots
Rum Jello Shots
Vegan Jello Shots
Vodka Jello Shots

The art & science of the jello shot:

You can make jello shots with almost any type of alcohol, but you should adjust the proportions of alcohol and cold water to ensure that the shot still sets. The higher the proof of the alcohol, the more water you need for it to set propery.

30-50 proof:  13 ounces of alcohol + 3 ounces of water
80-100 proof:  10 ounces of alcohol + 6 ounces of water
150-200 proof:  6 ounces of alcohol + 10 ounces of water

(1 cup = 8 ounces)

(image credit: TMAB2003 / CC BY-ND 2.0)



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