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Release a balloon

(credit: CharlotteSpeaks♥{Charlotte.Morrall})

Insert an "uplifting" message into a helium-filled balloon. Or, write your message on the outside of the balloon with permanent marker.

Now release your balloon outdoors and let it travel wherever it may. Where do you think it will go? Will it travel to another city? Will it cross an ocean?

Be sure to include your email address so the person who finds it can contact you!

A few things to remember:

  • Latex balloons are biodegradable, but attachments may not be.
  • Hand tie your balloon, don't use plastic clips.
  • Do not tie ribbon to your balloon.
  • If you must use string, try to use very short pieces of thin Raffia, which is a plant material and will biodegrade with the balloon.
  • Or, better yet, don't tie anything to your balloon at all!

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