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Hunt for treasure

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Host a treasure or scavenger hunt!

For younger kids, create a wordless hunt, leaving only drawings or photos as clues. One clue will lead to the next, which will lead to the next, and so on.

For teens and adults, try some of these ideas.

Or, how about hosting a Twitter treasure hunt?

Have each participant tweet one of your treasure hunt clues. You'll need to carefully craft these posts and give only one to each participant with instructions to post it unedited.

Each post will have a correlating clue number and the next participant's Twitter username. This connects all treasure hunt posts together and includes a link to contest rules in every post.

Post example:

Twitter Treasure Hunt: This is clue #1 from @organizer Next clue hidden at @participant-username Find all 10 clues & WIN

No matter where someone starts the Twitter treasure hunt, they must find the username of every "clue holder" along the way.

So you start the "hunt" by tweeting a public post that mentions clue holder #1. Clue holder #1 has a post already up that mentions clue holder #2 and so on ... ultimately, clue holder #10 (or your final clue holder) mentions clue holder #1 so you've created a complete treasure hunt loop.

Make sure that all your participants have posted their clues before you post to start.

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