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Grade your neighbors' holiday lights

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(credit: francisco_osorio)

Are you a bit of a Clark Griswold when it comes to lighting up your house for the holidays?

Do you treat holiday decorating like a competitive sport? Why not rate your neighbors' holiday lights to find out who has the best light display on your street!

General Notes: We’re going to use a simple 100 point system, like good old school grades. A is 90-100, B is 80-89, C is 70-79 and so forth. But it will also have a baseline: if a household has done *anything* in the way of a holiday display, they start with 50 points. Then they will receive 1 to 10 points in each of 5 categories to determine their final grade. The categories are as follows.

Quantity: simply speaking, how much did they put out? Is it only lights on the eves? Then 2 points (1 if they don’t even get all the eves). Lights on the bushes or trees in the yard, kick the score up to 4. Do they have stand-ups or inflatables as well? Add a couple more points. Obviously some of the scoring is subjective, but you get the idea.

Variety: This ties into Quantity a bit, but represents how well the display uses multiple, disparate elements. Assume 1 point for each *different* element used (normal string lights, icicle lights, net lights, spots, inflatables, stand-ups, faux snow, characters and more).

Form: The yard is a canvas, or a stage, and the gifted display-designer will fill it artistically. Balance is always important, as is creative use of the elements to engender an emotional reaction (hopefully joy).

Ingenuity: use of unexpected elements, or building one’s own pieces counts in these category. Telling a story with the display is highly valuable.

Reviewer’s Skew: 10 points left to the reviewer to grant based on their gut-reaction to the display, an assessment of the dip lay relative to neighboring displays, and/or a sense of holiday whimsy or generosity.

link: How to Grade Your Neighbors’ Holiday Light Displays

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I like this post and I like your blog.It's really cheered me up.Thank You.

Thanks for stopping by, Paul. Happy holidays!

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