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Create a day full of photo discovery

(Kaz Andrew / CC BY-ND 2.0)

Leave Valentine photo clues for your sweetheart to find.

Step 1: Take photos of all the lovely things you want to get for your Lil' Darlin'. We’re told that roses and chocolates are safe bets (although personally we prefer Stephen Chow flicks).

Step 2: Print out the pictures and hide them in places where Pookums will find them throughout the day. Hide photos in her bag, her shoes, the fridge. Have one of her coworkers hide a few at work. Send her a FedEx if you have to. Include one of yourself so she knows who’s behind it all.

Step 3: When Buttercup comes home at the end of the day, give her all the gifts you took pictures of. Voila! It might be the same old stuff you got last year, but this time she’ll remember it.

link: Valentine's Day Photo Ideas

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