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Enjoy a little fizz, buzz and schmeckle

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Try not to crack up while playing this fast-paced, entertaining number game.

The rules are simple (and I have no doubt many of you already know them):
5, multiples of 5, and numbers with "5" in them, are FIZZ;
7, multiples of 7, and numbers with "7" in them – like “17” – are BUZZ;
9, multiples of 9, and numbers with "9" in them, are SCHMECKLE.

Ready? And here you just launch right in.
I say, "one."
You say, "two."
I say, "three."
You say, "four."
I say, "FIZZ" (if I were to accidentally say "five," I would have lost the game).
You say, "six."
I say, "BUZZ" (and giggle), you say, "eight" . . . and so on, as fast as possible, with excitement building as we near BUZZ-SCHMECKLE (because 27 is divisible by 9 and has a "7" in it) and – oh, boy! – "FIZZ-BUZZ" "SCHMECKLE" "BUZZ" (for 35, 36, 37) and we both grin goofily at passersby who take us for sophomores on spring break.

link: Fizz, Buzz, Schmeckle
via: mental_floss Blog

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