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Throw a resource party

Create a fun, friendly opportunity for your friends to help each other.

1. Invite 10-15 of your closest pals to your house for wine and cheese. Wine isn’t necessary, but suggested. Cheese is necessary.

2. Pass out an index card and pen for every gal present and seat your guests in a circle.

3. Each guest is asked to write a small list of three items they’d like help accomplishing. It could be (a) brainstorming a new business / marketing idea, (b) conquering a massive stack of laundry, or (c) finding the perfect foundation for your skin tone. Whatever.

4. One by one, each guest is asked to read their first item aloud. No one is allowed to speak but the person reading their card. This is important for maintaining structure and keeping a resource party from lasting 87 hours.

5. Here's where it gets fun. If another guest can help the person reading their item with said item, that guest raises their hand. The reader of the item then makes a note that, for example, Martha can help her choose the perfect foundation.

6. The exercise continues until everyone present at the circle has read one item.

7. Break time! Go get another glass of wine and find the person who has offered to help you with your item. Exchange info, make a plan and sit back down in your chair for round two — the second item on your list.

8. Rinse, repeat and help each other.

link: How to throw a kickin' resource party

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