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Take a break from the technology in your life. Try to go 5 days without TV, computers, iPods, cellphones or video games.

Can you do it? Challenge your family and friends to do it too!

A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that children and teens spend an average of 4-1/2 hours a day with the TV on. Add in time given over to texting, computer games, MP3 players, and the like, and a child's daily media use averages a whopping 7-1/2 hours. That's a lot of time not being used for reading, playing outside, staring up at the clouds, or talking about the weird thing the teacher did that day [...].

How long can you survive without screens? What activities could you use to occupy your time instead? Share your ideas in the comments!

link: Could You Survive The Great Unplugged Challenge?

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