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Assassinate your friends

Gather a group of friends together to play Assassin, an alternate reality game.

All players are given two things:

1) A "target:" someone else that is playing Assassin.
2) A "weapon:" a tool/object that can be used mark another person as being "assassinated." Traditionally the weapon is a water gun but I used marshmallows just as successfully.

The object: to track down your "target" and use your "weapon" to "assassinate" them (for us, this meant throwing a marshmallow at a "target"). If you successfully do this, you pick up their "target" and repeat the process. Who ever is the last one standing is the "Ultimate Assassin" and the winner of the game.

It is also wise to set up guide lines.
We played for a week, were not allowed to throw marshmallows on stairs, bathrooms, or in class, and also established "off hour" times where you weren't allowed to "assassinate" anyone. Tailor your guidelines to your environment and desires.

link: Assassin

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