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Investigate a crime scene

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Learn about forensic science and apply your knowledge with CSI: The Experience - Web Adventures.

If you're a fan of the TV show CSI, or you have kids who are interested in science, biology or crime scene investigation, this is a great website. The highly interactive experience teams you up with favorite characters from the hit TV show, CSI. They guide you through science and techniques for processing crime scenes and solving cases.

Plan to explore the realms of forensic biology, toxicology, firearms/weapons, medical examination, and ethics. Then, take what you've learned and apply it to a realistic set of evidence in a virtual case. This is educational and fun.

Please Note:
CSI: The Experience is a unique way of supporting learning around biology and science. Due to the nature of the site, care should be taken when using it with younger kids. Although the website is tastefully done, murder, dead bodies and other CSI realities may not appeal to everyone.

link: CSI: The Experience - Web Adventures
via: Family Computing

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