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Wrap fork-poms


Make mini pom poms with a four-pronged dinner fork, scissors and some yarn.

An easy way to make tiny pompoms

1. Start by wrapping your yarn around the prongs of your fork (for the green pompom I wrapped 40 times around, for the red pompom I made 60 wraps) and then cut the end of your yarn. [the examples in the photo are made from DK acrylic yarn]

2. Cut a length of yarn 20cm or so long, and thread beneth your yarn wraps between 2nd and 3rd fork prong. Pass the other end of this length of yarn between prongs over the top of the yarn bundle. Pull both ends and tie into a tight knot.

3. Slip yarn bundle off the end of your fork. snip through all the loops of yarn, and roll pompom between palms to ‘fluff’. Trim any uneven ends.

4. Admire pompoms.

via: Eskimimi Makes

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Help! Each time I make one of these I cannot get it to look "finished." You can totally see where I tied it off.

Maybe try using thinner yarn and making it really "bushy" so it's more difficult to see where it's tied. Or, you could try tying it off with a piece of thread instead of a piece of yarn.

Great tute! I found it easier to cut a length of yarn for the tied portion first, lay it down in the middle slot of the fork. Then wind the yarn and pull the yarn down the middle and knot. Slip it off the end of the fork. ;)

That's great advice. Thanks!

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