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Bake Oreos

Make your own homemade version of the world's favorite cookie.

Oh, they’re good. Awesome, even. But they absolutely fall within the category of "you’ve been warned." If you make these once, prepare to make them a dozen more times, because I've yet to meet many people who don't have a soft spot for iconic sweets. [...] Any fatigue you may feel from being forced to repeat a recipe when you only want to try new things can be consoled, however, by the fact that these cookies are unbelievably easy to make, and have an infinitely forgiving batter. It's really impossible to mess these up, and the part that you're probably certain will be an unholy p.i.t.a.–filling and assembling the cookies–with a piping bag takes less than five minutes.

homemade oreos
Homemade 'Oreos' With Fall-Color Creams

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