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Decorate cupcakes

Turn plain cupcakes into sweet works of art!

from FamilyFun:

Here's one of my favorite secret weapons for turning around a gray day: making fancy cupcakes for no reason at all. The bright colors, the busy hands, the lure of a sugar buzz all have a powerful mood-altering effect. Ahead of time, put on some fun cake decorating supplies: candy hearts, sparkles, decorative roses, tubes of frosting. The fancier the better. When bad moods strike, break out the supplies, along with a batch of cupcakes (store-bought for ease, if you prefer). Let your kids decorate with abandon, then use the results to celebrate the birthday of a stuffed animal or some other worthy occasion.

Apple cupcakes

Baseball cupcakes

Big Quench Glee cupcakes

Cheeseburger cupcakes

Computer cupcakes

Cookie Monster cupcakes

Corn-on-the-cob cupcakes

Cupcake bouquet

Flower cupcakes in cones

Gumball cupcakes

Popcorn cupcakes

Princess Leia cupcakes

School 'o fish cupcakes

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