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Figure out Shy Dwarf

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Play a strange, simple and enchanting game about a small black blob who wears a jaunty red hat.

Mixed in with the platforming is a light bit of puzzling. No single level is as simple as run and jump; little twists will be thrown your way from a bunch of different copies of you appearing out of nowhere to exits that are not readily obvious at first blush. Still, despite the highly abstract material and modest puzzle elements, it shouldn't take you too terribly long to reach Shy Dwarf's end.


In the end, Shy Dwarf is something of an enigma. Fun, short, and completely baffling. We're not sure exactly what it all means, or if it's supposed to mean anything at all. Whatever the case, we couldn't resist its unmistakable charm. Besides, sometimes it's fun to be totally confused.

link: Shy Dwarf
via: Jay is Games

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