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Get bossed around

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Get some friends together for a round of bossy ball.

In this game of backyard catch, the ball calls the shots.

  1. First, randomly stick 7 to 12 strips of masking tape on a playground ball. On each strip, use a permanent marker to write a different rule for throwing and catching the ball: "Overhead and backward," "Underhand between the legs," "Sitting down," "Standing on one leg," "Eyes closed," "In mid-jump," "While singing," and any others you can think of.
  3. The game is played like regular catch, but once the first player grabs the ball, she must look at the words under or closest to the palm of her right hand. She has to throw the ball as directed by these words -- and the second player has to try to catch it in the same manner. The second player then looks at the words under his right hand, and play continues. To make the game more challenging, see how many successful catches you can make, then try to beat your record.

link: Bossy Ball

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