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Play the piano

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Play your favorite songs on the piano. Don't worry if they sound crappy, though. It's not you, it's the piano!

Have you ever walked by a piano and just wanted to stop and pound on it and make noise? I’m not talking playing Chopsticks or attempting to play the intro to Blue Rondo A La Turk by Dave Brubeck. I mean, heart and soul bashing the piano with your claws of steel like Jerry Lee Lewis on a bender after getting out on bail.


It doesn’t cost anything. And you can play it with your computer keyboard. Don’t worry if a key starts to stick, try another key. And bang away to your hearts content.

But mind the roaches.

link: The Interactive Crappy Piano
via: HomeTechTell

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I liked this. I started off playing well, although I don't play at all, it sounded ok. The cockroaches came out and the keys fell apart. It was fun! A good time killer when "Baby I'm bored"!

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