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Hang a wreath

Craft a wreath for Christmas — or for any time of the year!

Whether hung on your front door or above a crackling fireplace, a Christmas wreath announces the arrival of the holiday season. While most people think of evergreen branches and holly leaves, Christmas wreaths can actually be made out of just about anything. As long as you're willing to roll up your sleeves, there are many beautiful homemade Christmas wreaths that are quick, easy, and fun.

Acorn wreath

Book page wreath (Instructions)

Bubble wreath

Button wreath

Candy cane wreath

Christmas bow wreath

Cinnamon wreath

Clothespin wreath

Cookie cutter wreath

Crayon wreath

Family tree wreath

Feathered wreath

Felted ball wreath

Frozen cranberry wreath

Gumdrop wreath

Leaves and berries wreath

Marshmallow wreath

Mint chocolate wreath

Napkin wreath

Necktie wreath

Origami mini wreath

Origami wreath

Ornament wreath

Paper leaves wreath

Paper star wreath

Polaroid photo wreath

Pencil wreath

Pompom wreath

PVC wreath

Recycled Christmas card wreath

Recycled sweater wreath

Rock candy wreath

Rose wreath (made from book pages)

Thumbtack wreath

Tinsel garland wreath

Wine cork wreath

Wrapped fabric wreath

Yarn ball wreath

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