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(JD Hancock / CC BY 2.0)

Stormtroopers are everywhere. See how many you can find!

Here's something you may not know about Stormtroopers: They're very photogenic. And thanks to some creative and prolific Flickr photographers, you can find pictures of the Empire's soldiers doing, well, just about anything. So to alleviate your boredom on one of those days when you find yourself inexplicably looking at pictures of cats, I present to you this challenge so that you can look at Stormtroopers instead:

1. Fire up a random word generator (like this one) and get a word.
2. Do a search on Flickr for your word and "stormtrooper."
3. See pictures! (Probably.)
4. Rinse and repeat until bored.

Optional Step: For any word you didn't get a result for, take a Stormtrooper picture of your own and upload it to Flickr to fill this egregious gap.

link: CHALLENGE: Stormtroopers are everywhere!

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