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Construct a solar system

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Make an ethereal, hanging solar system with balloons, glue and embroidery floss.

This embroidery floss solar system from Laura at Art for Little Hands is gorgeous, yet shockingly easy to make, and Laura's idea to hang the planets around a ceiling light sun is a particularly wonderful touch! [...] Even if you don't have kids, this project would definitely make for some fun and unique home decor!

link: Embroidery Solar System
via: Craft

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I can't find the link to the instructions.

Whoops, the link got broken. It's fixed now. Happy crafting! :)

Still not working, would you mind posting them in the comments or email please? I teach and would love to have this in my class handing from the ceiling!!

It looks like their site was down for a bit, but it's fine now. I hope they look great in your classroom!

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