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Create and publish a web page in seconds — without creating an account or going through a signup process. No technical skills needed!

You Can Use Pen To:
Create an online Resume
Share the Lyrics of your favorite song
Post your undiscovered gem of a short story
Challenge String theory with a debate on Particle Physics
Share a poem
Publish an ebook
Share the Details your upcoming event
Design an about me page
Share a snippet of code with the open source community
Write an anonymous letter to the world
Share your screenplay
Brainstorm your next killer project
Respond to a tweet using more than 140 characters
Create a public list of resolutions and hold yourself accountable
Design a tutorial on how to use Pen
Have an anonymous bitch on why the x is so x
Create a backup of your blog post thats had the Digg effect
Signup for a page and leave it as the default (squat)
Complain about why Techcrunch got it wrong
Fill a page with Lorem Ipsum for the hell of it
Share the Meaning of Life with humanity
Share lecture notes with your class

These are just some of the ideas we came up with. What are you waiting for?

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via: Mashable

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