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Write, rip, lace and zip

See if you have what it takes to single-handedly complete some seemingly simple tasks.

Players: 4 or more

What You Need
Paper, one 8 1/2- by 11-inch sheet per player
Shoe with shoelace tied
15 pennies
Ziploc bag

To get started: Divide the group into teams of 2.

Note: If you have a large group, you can double your materials and let two teams compete simultaneously.

To play: Time each team completing the following tasks: Write your names on separate sheets of paper, then rip them into 4 pieces. Untie the shoe, then unlace it, lace it back up, and tie a bow. One by one, put the pennies into the ziploc bag and seal it.

The catch: Each player can use only one hand, and not the hand he writes with. Teams must work together to accomplish each task. The fastest pair wins.

link: The 15-Cent Write, Rip, Lace, and Zip Championship

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