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Keep an awesomeness journal

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Keep a journal of awesomeness, full of the great things you do every day, and look at it whenever you need a personal lift.

It may sound silly, but it can be difficult to keep pace every day when you have a boss that's beating you up, coworkers who get on your nerves, a neighbor who keeps blocking your driveway, and so on. Those little problems can add up to big tolls on our emotional health. Grab a blank book, and every day jot down two or three things that you're particularly proud of having accomplished in the past 24 hours. They don't have to big deals—even if they're things like "woke up feeling rested for the first time in ages," or "chose a salad over pizza for lunch," as they accumulate in your personal "awesomeness journal" you'll have plenty of ammo to look at every time you're feeling down or like you can't do anything right. It'll feel silly at first, but the first time you open it and crack a smile when you're having a hard day, it'll be worth having.

link: Keep a Journal of Awesomeness to Boost Your Self Esteem

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