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Float lanterns

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Make paper lanterns and launch them into the air.

Flying lanterns float into the sky when heated by an open flame in the same manner as a hot-air balloon. Launched in China more then 2,000 years ago, the original flying lantern was constructed from a bamboo hoop with thin sheets of paper attached to form a bag or cube. From the opening at the bottom, hot air filled the lantern, fueled by a burning candle or a piece of cloth soaked in oil. As the lanterns cooled, they dropped gently back to earth. Modern flying lanterns are much like their predecessors — only safer, thanks to the addition of flame retardant to the paper. And, unlike the early days, instead of sending information to the army, many people write messages or wishes on their lanterns before sending them skyward.

link: How to Make Flying Paper Lanterns

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(image creditMark Fischer / CC BY-SA 2.0)



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