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Bake cookies ... in the car

(Zestbienbeautouza / CC BY 2.0)

It's HOT! You should bake some cookies — in your car!

[...] the fine folks at ThinkGeek and the Cedar Rapids Gazette are not me, and they combined heat and deliciousness in the pursuit of culinary science. They decided to find out whether you really can bake cookies by leaving them on the dashboard of a car. Verdict: Yes. And they are delicious.

The temperature inside the car ThinkGeek staffers used was at least 160 degrees (their thermometer failed) and cookies took five hours to become, as they put it, "tasty and scary."

The Gazette provided hourly progress photos, and cooked a sheet of cookies from packaged dough in four hours. They did not measure the interior temperature of the car. What was the end result? "Chewy, nicely crisp on the top and bottom and gooey inside," features editor Carly Weber wrote. "The perfect chocolate chip cookie."

It's hot. Why not bake?
Heatwave Experiment #42: Dashboard cookies
via: The Consumerist

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