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Make a meal

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Make the best meal you can using ONLY groceries that you get from a convenience store.

When preparing to cook at home, always keep in mind the benefits of shopping locally, eating whole foods, and frequenting farmers markets. But it's also important to remember that, unfortunately, not everyone has equal access to fresh foods. Plenty of Americans can't walk to a farm stand or a full-service produce market. These well-documented "food deserts" affect huge swaths of the United States, and the still-sour economy has forced families to get really creative with cheap eats.

The good news is that even when your local grocer is a quickie mart or liquor store, all is not necessarily lost. For today's challenge, we're going to craft the best meal we can using only groceries procured from a nearby convenience store.

link: Make Your Own Meals: Use Only Convenience Store Groceries

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