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Open doors


Open doors over and over and over again. Will it go on forever? Tell us in the comments if you ever get to the end!

Basically it's a door that can be opened and closed again and again. It has a doorbell that rings and the doors make noise when they are opened and closed. If you get unbelieveably bored, check this out.

link: big long now
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The sound effects are the most fun with this. :)

Oh my gosh, I didn't even realize there were sound effects because I didn't have the sound on when I was playing it. Now that my sound is on I'm having twice as much fun! :D

The sound is amazing. You can change it by how fast you close or slam the door. Have you tried letting the doors only partially close, then slam one? I did it with 4 or 5 doors. What a lovely sound! ;)

Awesome, I love a good door slam!

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