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Write love letters

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(Jayegirl99 / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Write and mail handwritten love letters to strangers in need all over the world — or request a love letter for someone in your life who needs one.

More Love Letters' mission is to lift people's spirits with handwritten notes of hope and love — sometimes addressed to specific recipients, sometimes totally random.

Their team of writers has composed individual letters of encouragement to people in need, thank you notes to hardworking New York City baristas — even letters to strangers to be left at favorite childhood places or busy hubs like airports and subway stations. They've also sent over 20 Love Letter Bundles to groups like the Ronald McDonald House.

Want to break out your rusty cursive (or printing) and send some love out into the world yourself? Sign up to get letter requests [...].

link: The World Needs More Love Letters
via: Stepcase Lifehack

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