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Pop petite pies

Cake pops are so yesterday — try tasty pie pops instead!

Serving mini pies on a stick {aka Pie Pops} is one of my favorite dessert trends. They look adorable on display, you can make several flavors, kids and adults love them, and they are surprisingly easy to make.

link: How To Make Pie Pops
via: Neatorama

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I love the idea of these cute little pie pops. I had to try them more than once-my first batch came out kind of messy. I suggest using nutella in them. Or jelly. I also made rather buttery pie dough, so mine was crumbly. They were good anyways.

Oh my goodness, the thought of Nutella-filled pies is making my stomach growl. I MUST try them!

You really should. They are the best thing I have ever tried.

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