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Read minds

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Convince your friends that you're able to read their minds.

The trick: Place 3 identical blank pieces of paper on a table. Turn to a member of your audience and say, "Think of somebody's name, but don't say it aloud. I'm going to read your mind and write down the name."

Write on a piece of paper and, without letting anyone see what you've written, fold the paper, then instruct the thinker to say the name aloud. Now repeat the process with a number — an audience member thinks, you write, then the thinker reveals the number — and finally with a color, telling the thinker to choose either red or green. Now give the 3 papers to an audience member to read aloud. Your friends will be awed by your psychic abilities!

Follow the link below to find find out how it's done!

link: Read Your Friend's Mind
via: babble

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