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Take a pic of a pic

Snap a picture of a picture (and a picture of that picture, and a picture of that picture, and so on...) and start your own crowd-sourced viral sensation.

[...] graphic designer Paul Weber noticed a funny photo on Matt Hodges' (an Ohio-based friend) Facebook page which showed him giving the thumbs up next to a monitor, which showed a picture of a woman.

Before he was able to 'like' the photo, it had been taken down by Hodges who reported, "Mal is pissed." Ten minutes later, a new image showed up showing his roommate and a co-worker posing next to a monitor, with the same image of Hodges and the woman, Mal.


Less than 24 hours later, [they] had 55 pictures in the series and 1.8 million imgur views.

[YouTube link]

link: A picture of a picture
via: Laughing Squid

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