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Tidy your tech


Get all your geek gear in tip-top shape with these 31 days of tech tasks.

Day 1: Back up your data
Day 2: Organize your inbox
Day 3: Clean your phone
Day 4: Clean your camera lensese
Day 5: Digitize your CDs
Day 6: Optimize your laptop battery
Day 7: Manage your desktop cables
Day 8: Organize your photo library
Day 9: Change your passwords
Day 10: Password protect your phone
Day 11: Delete unused apps
Day 12: Organize your remotes
Day 13: Clean your laptop
Day 14: Replace surge protectors
Day 15: Convert paper notes to digital
Day 16: Perform system updates
Day 17: Organize desktop folders
Day 18: Add a second monitor
Day 19: Perform a social media audit
Day 20: Back up your photos
Day 21: Manage your disk space
Day 22: Organize your cables
Day 23: Move to the cloud
Day 24: Clear your DVR queue
Day 25: Clear you SD cards
Day 26: Buy (and use) a universal remote
Day 27: Back up your Facebook data
Day 28: Go on a digital diet
Day 29: Monitor your finances online
Day 30: Sync your smartphone
Day 31: Get ergonomic

link: 31 Days of Tech Cleaning Pinterest Board
via: Holy Kaw!

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***bonus: Spring clean your computer



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