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Bang a drum

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(potzuyoko / CC BY 2.0)

Learn how to play the drums.

[...] this website is a veritable gold mine of free drumming resources. Their drum lessons index lists close to 200 different lesson plans and some of those lessons are broken down into sub-lessons… which means that you won’t be running out of drum training any time soon if you use this website.

Free Drum Lessons covers a multitude topics, but those topics aren’t only for newbies! Sure, there are dozens of lessons that detail how to hold the sticks, how to set up your drum kit, warm up exercises, and tuning instructions. However, you’ll also find drum music theory, intermediate and advanced techniques, play-along exercises, and tangential articles like how to start a band.

[watch it on YouTube]

link: Free Drum Lessons
via: MakeUseOf

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