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Experience the AHH effect with a delightful series of games, GIFs, videos and more.

Different pieces of content are served up depending on how many "h's" are entered. For example, one site gets you immersed in what looks to be a bubbly glass of Coke. Moving your cursor moves the bubbles around, which emit satisfied "Ah's" as they do so. Another site asks you to aim ice cubes into a glass of Coke, while a counter on the right shows what temperature the drink is at, the idea being [...] to communicate that the best temperature to enjoy Coke is 37 degrees. Another site features the new chill-activated Coke cans performing an impressive dance routine.

The umbrella site is, (two h's) which invites you to "explore the world of ahh," and adds that while there may be many ways to explain how Coca-Cola makes you feel, there's "only one way to describe them."

Eventually the world of AHH will consist of 61 sites (each new one will have another "h" added to the end of "ahh" in the URL), so check back often for new experiences!

link: AHH   Thanks Jenine!
via: AdAge

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