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Have a fantastic summer

100 boredom-busting activities for hours of summer fun

Have tons of fun this summer with these awesome activities:

1.  Capture your summer.

2.  Set up a slip 'n slide.

3.  Throw a pie fight.

4.  Play classic video games in your backyard.

5.  Learn to juggle.

6.  Set up a sit-in movie theater.

7.  Make an edible jello aquarium.

8.  Download a camera.

9.  Be someone else.

10.  Orchestrate a sponge ball battle.

11.  Shake up some ice cream.

12.  Go on a cemetery safari.

13.  Decorate your bike helmet.

14.  Pick up trash.

15.  Brew homemade soda pop.

16.  Start a jello balloon fight.

17.  Leave a camera in the park.

18.  Spin poi.

19.  Build a hula hoop.

20.  Strip an egg naked.

21.  Step into a bubble.

22.  Generate a glow.

23.  Train a cat to shake.

24.  Construct a milk jug fortress.

25.  Craft creepy peepers.

26.  Set a message adrift.

27.  Ask questions.

28.  Cause an eruption.

29.  Plant seeds in balloons.

30.  Proclaim a backward day.

31.  Get twisted.

32.  Bite a bag.

33.  Leave secret messages with QR codes.

34.  Feed butterflies.

35.  Sail a paper boat.

36.  Hunt and click.

37.  Deep fry Kool-Aid.

38.  Catch water balloons.

39.  Assassinate your friends.

40.  Invite birds to tea.

41.  Spend an hour blindfolded.

42.  Camp out.

43.  Build an oven.

44.  Construct a Scrabble board.

45.  Ask people what they're listening to.

46.  Swim like a mermaid.

47.  Stick your feet in cement.

48.  Paint with light.

49.  Ride in a rodeo.

50.  Bring out the big guns.

51.  Find a firefly.

52.  Use your noodle.

53.  Flip a coin.

54.  Blow up a watermelon.

55.  Pop to paint.

56.  Paint a sidewalk.

57.  Play pickup (chop)sticks.

58.  Shape snowflakes.

59.  Go mad for melon.

60.  Bake cookies ... in the car.

61.  Play with matches.

62.  Throw summer snowballs.

63.  Build a bird bath.

64.  Set off a cola bomb.

65.  Cool your canine.

66.  Plant tomatoes.

67.  Whack a water balloon.

68.  Bring the beach home.

69.  Leave notes for strangers.

70.  Play shishkaball.

71.  Build a fire pit.

72.  Plant paper.

73.  Splash in a spray.

74.  Float lanterns.

75.  Plant a pothole.

76.  Dress up.

77.  Plan a pajama run.

78.  Enjoy giant Jenga.

79.  Play checkers on the sidewalk.

80.  Go on a pun hunt.

81.  Get your glow on.

82.  Get messy.

83.  Plant a vertical garden.

84.  Photograph tourists.

85.  Shake a slushie.

86.  Balance on a ball.

87.  Plot a pillow fight.

88. Hop, skip and jump.

89.  Seek and hide.

90.  Share a journal.

91.  Spritz each other.

92.  Kick a ball.

93.  Pack a picnic.

94.  Forage for lunch.

95.  Paint your body.

96.  Set up a target practice.

97.  Find a geocache.

98.  Have fun with foam.

99.  Frolic with frisbees.

100.  Put your best feet forward.

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