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Stay cool

100 super-cool popsicles

Beat the heat with refreshing homemade frozen treats.

Banana blueberry swirl popsicles

Basil creamsicles

Beer popsicles

Berry lemonade popsicles

Berry mango yogurt popsicles

Berry yogurt popsicles

Blackberry ice cream with Amaretto

Blackberry ice tea pops

Blackberry lime cheesecake popsicles

Blueberry cheesecake ice pops

Blood orange creamsicles

Bloody Mary ice pops

Bourbon butterscotch latte poptails

Boozy Campari citrus pops

Bubblegum ice cream bars

Caramel popcorn pops

Carrot cake and almond butter popsicles

Cereal and milk popsicles

Champagne and raspberry popsicles

Cheesecake popsicles

Cherry apple whiskey sour poptails

Cherry yogurt popsicles

Chocolate covered strawberry popsicles

Chocolate pudding pops

Cilantro-lime sorbet popsicles

Coconut and mango rice pudding pops

Coconut cream pops

Coconut lime popsicls

Coconut milk and honey pops

Coconut nutella popsicles and honey coconut popsicles

Coke float popsicles

Confetti yogurt pops

Cookie dough ice pops

Count Dracula popsicles

Creamy lemon popsicles

Dirty pirate popsicles

Double rainbow pops

Fig and clementine port wine poptails

Firecracker ice pops

Frozen raspberry chocolate chunk Greek yogurt pops

Fruit popsicles

Fruity white sangria pops

Gooey butter pudding pops

Green tea popsicles

Honeydew popsicles

Honeydew cucumber margarita popsicles

Honeydew mint ice pops

Lemon and orange ice pops

Lemon buttermilk popsicles

Hot-cocoa ice pops

Iced coffee pops

Lemon cucumber spa popsicles

Lime pie ice pops

Macchiato pops

Mango lassi popsicles

Mango orange yogurt popsicles

Maple butter pecan popsicles

Matcha frozen yogurt pops

Mexican chocolate pops

Mint chocolate chip creamsicles

Mojito popsicles

Mudslide on a stick

Nectarine-buttermilk pops

Nectarine creamsicles with rose water

Nutella popsicles

Orange banana smoothie pops

Orange creamsicles

Orange Julius popsicles

Peaches and cream popsicles

Piña colada tipsy pops

Pink grapefruit + rosemary popsicles

Pomegranate yogurt pops

Pumpkin pie popsicles

Punch pops

Raspberry & white cherry yogurt pops

Raw dilly bars

Rice pudding ice pops

Roasted balsamic strawberries with mascarpone cream pop

Roasted peaches n' coconut cream popsicles

Root beer float popsicles

Salty (or not) watermelon pops

Samoa popsicles

Shirley Temple popsicles

Skinny margarita popsicles

Smoothie pops

Spring bouquet popsicles

Stars and stripes popsicles

Strawberry banana popsicles

Strawberry lemonade popsicles

Strawberry orange creamsicles

Strawberry peach coconut popsicles

Summer berry + mint ice pops

Sweet and salty celery popsicles

Sweet corn vegan popsicles

Tequila watermelon popsicles

Vodka popsicles

Watermelon and mint popsicles

Watermelon blackberry margarita poptails

Watermelon-jalapeño ice pops

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***bonus: Have fun with fudgsicles



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