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Eat a year

Eating the year by Virginia Patania and Rafael Rozendaal (RRfood) on Twitter

Snap a pic of everything you eat for a week, a month ... or for an entire year.

London-based GP Virginia Patania, who vowed to photograph everything she ate for a year after becoming infuriated by a junk food advert, has completed the challenge with 365 days worth of meals uploaded on her blog Eating the Year.

She wanted to prove that you don't need time, money or a big kitchen to eat well and while the resulting 1,965 photos and 400,000 words has some low points (half-eaten candy bar or egg fried rice off someone else's plate), the blog is an impressive show of dedication.

Or, tweet what you eat like Rafaël Rozendaal does!

Eating the year / via: Zagat Blog
Rafaël Rozendaal (RRfood) on Twitter

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