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Enjoy a rainy day

100 fun things to do on a rainy day

Don't waste a perfectly good rainy day. Try one of these 100 activities guaranteed to make you glad you stayed indoors:

1. Start a psychic scavenger hunt.

2. Print a board game.

3. Be a doll.

4. Spin a match.

5. Make spaghetti dance.

6. Send a hug.

7. Bake cookies in a skillet.

8. Change your view.

9. Spruce up some shoes.

10. Build a radio.

11. Knit with your fingers.

12. Roll a fort.

13. Make a meal a big deal.

14. Fill in a fingerprint.

15. Send happy mail.

16. Spiff up some shades.

17. Start a one-sentence journal.

18. Customize your keyboard.

19. Build your memory.

20. Construct a house of cards.

21. Play with your cat.

22. Repurpose a tin.

23. Extract your DNA.

24. Get creative with crayons.

25. Organize a meal swap.

26. Find your way through lasers.

27. Chalk your hair.

28. Search for aliens.

29. Create a cloud.

30. Fry an egg on a piece of paper.

31. Hide in plain site.

32. Sculpt with pencils.

33. Get physical.

34. Grow veggies.

35. Add Kool-Aid to pickles.

36. Decide what to wear.

37. Tidy your tech.

38. Work out with Kirk.

39. Pitch a tent.

40. Meditate.

41. Learn a card trick.

42. Levitate a bag.

43. Extract iron.

44. Don't touch the floor.

45. Tell a different story.

46. Start a collection.

47. Clean your dishwasher.

48. Stack liquids.

49. Tattoo a banana.

50. Snap a self portrait.

51. Affix fabric.

52. Spread food on your face.

53. Tint your hair with Kool-Aid.

54. Make elephant toothpaste.

55. Roll a die.

56. Remove yourself from the conversation.

57. Butter a candle.

58. Multiply with your fingers.

59. Bust clutter.

60. Paint with a pendulum.

61. Choose one.

62. Boot a balloon.

63. Craft a camera.

64. Make a maze.

65. Fold an egg.

66. Turn junk into treasure.

67. Teach a dog a trick.

68. Construct a solar system.

69. Blow up a balloon.

70. Fold furniture.

71. Solve a string thing.

72. Build a lightsaber.

73. Make a list.

74. Earnlay igpay atinlay.

75. Grow a plant in a light bulb.

76. Empty your pockets.

77. Savor surprising snacks.

78. Play with pom pom projectiles.

79. Build a pillow fort.

80. Start a gun fight.

81. Develop film.

82. Enjoy a spa day at home.

83. Knit with noodles.

84. Capture a childhood in a jar.

85. Whistle.

86. Sprout seeds on a sponge.

87. Grow candy.

88. Be silent for a whole day.

89. Deep fry Twinkies.

90. Dye daisies.

91. Microwave soap.

92. Grow crystals.

93. Fry marbles.

94. Get slimed.

95. Fold a kaleidocycle.

96. Pose your pets.

97. Tell ghost stories.

98. Collaborate on comics.

99. Play tabletop sports.

100. Twist your fingers.

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