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Enter a dark room

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A Dark Room

Play a pleasantly eerie and addictive game that makes you want to hang around your computer even longer the more you find out about it.

A Dark Room is strictly text-based, but requires you to wait for bars to tick down before performing activities over and over again. It all starts off in a dark room, where you find a fire that you can light. From there, you just keep stoking the fire every time that the bar cools down. Nothing much seems to happen until a stranger bursts into the room with you, shivering and murmuring in the corner. Not long after this, you'll start to run out of wood with which to stoke the fire with, prompting you to go into the forest and gather some more. [...] How much wood you have determines what you can build and what you can do as the story progresses.

link: A Dark Room
via: Indie Statik

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