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Play with pipes

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How to Build a Pipe Ball Lawn Game

Build and play a lively game of backyard pipe ball.

All those hours of playing Nerf hoops might finally add up to a useful skill when you bust out the pipe-ball game at your next garden party. Instead of shooting a foam basketball at a door-mounted hoop, though, you're arcing a tennis ball at a grouping of pipes—and the rebound is nasty.

The angled ends and the varying heights of the pipes make it a game of skill that demands nothing less than the equivalent of a swish. Catch the unforgiving angled rim of one of the pipes and you're off to the bushes to find where the ball bounced. But let's be honest: The search won't be any harder than rooting around for that Nerf basketball in your childhood room.

link: How to Build a Pipe Ball Lawn Game
via: Brit + Co.

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