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Adorn your appliances

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Spruce up your plain, boring home appliances.

Aunt Peaches says:

I don't get it. You spend all this money on something you use every day, shouldn't it be interesting to look upon? Honestly, not to go all femtator here, but you can tell most appliances are designed by men – they are boring and efficient and look like a blown up version of something you would find under the hood of a car. If, let's say, washing machines, were designed by women, not only would they have figured out an effective way to keep the washer and dryer drum in one machine (HELLO), it would have a folding station on top that doubled as an ironing board and the front panel would snap on-and-off like a phone case, thus allowing for different colors and patterns like stripes and flowers and pictures of smoosh faced kitties. Is this too much to ask?

Cabinet front dishwasher

Chalkboard-painted crockpot

Chalkboard-painted fridge

Chevron striped fridge

Painted handles

Painted fridge

Painted washer and dryer

Spray painted trash compactor

Tin panel dishwasher

Vinyl fridge decoration

Wallpapered fridge

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