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Celebrate Thanksgivukkah

On November 28, 2013, the American holiday of Thanksgiving and the first day of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah coincide. Celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime convergence with a delicious combo dessert.

Jason Weisberger of Boing Boing says:

Sufganiot are delicious jelly donuts, covered in powdered sugar, and traditionally served in Israel for Channukah. They are an analog to the latke here in America, fried in oil to represent the 'great miracle' which happened there. This years epic convergence of a yet-another-Jewish-food-oriented-holiday and American Thanksgiving, our blandest and most flavorless celebration of an imaginary past, left me certain the only dessert I could serve would be pumpkin pie filled sufganiot.

Of course, this tasty treat would be awesome any time of the year!

link: Channukah/Thanksgiving dessert: pumpkin pie filled sufganiot

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