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Have a wonderful winter

Survive the season (even when the weather is frightful) with these awesome activities:

1. Invite birds to dine.

2. Turn a sweater into a hat.

3. Trade books.

4. Sweeten your winter.

5. Hit the ice.

6. Build snowmen.

7. Bejewel a beanie.

8. Try to beat 20Q.

9. Listen to old time radio shows.

10. Light up your life.

11. Figure out which book to read next.

12. Record a funny voice mail greeting.

13. Craft a gingerbread house ornament.

14. Bake a cake in a jar.

15. Eat snow.

16. Craft a candy wreath.

17. Draw a ski adventure.

18. Plan a wine-tasting party.

19. Deliver gifts.

20. Organize a clothing swap.

21. Warm up with hot chocolate.

22. Prepare petite pumpkin pies.

23. Start a conversation.

24. Build an igloo.

25. Fold a pinecone.

26. Make magical marshmallows.

27. Control Christmas lights.

28. Melt some snowmen.

29. Write a letter to Santa.

30. Start a snowball fight.

31. Make a flake.

32. Decorate like Charlie Brown.

33. Bead a bauble.

34. Tell Santa what to do.

35. Generate a resolution.

36. Dye fabric with snow.

37. Pop a wreath.

38. Make a menorah.

39. Paint snow.

40. Craft a Christmas tree.

41. Grade your neighbors' holiday lights.

42. Freeze bubbles.

43. Catch cooties.

44. Bake a colossal cookie.

45. Start a windowsill garden.

46. Make sweet hearts.

47. Enjoy a little fizz, buzz and schmeckle.

48. Pick the perp.

49. Prepare hot chocolate on a stick.

50. Learn to speed read.

51. Play games by email.

52. Bake brownies in oranges.

53. Shoot marshmallows.

54. Learn CPR.

55. Arrest your development.

56. Write a letter to your past.

57. Slip into a chocolate bubble bath.

58. Put socks on vases.

59. Ask questions.

60. Visit Vegas.

61. Throw a dinner party.

62. Sweeten Christmas.

63. Go crazy for cronuts.

64. Shake a snow globe.

65. Explore the world.

66. Hang a wreath.

67. Cook up a lump of coal.

68. Snack on a snowflake.

69. Enjoy latkes.

70. Add a little frost.

71. Pick a hedgehog.

72. Trim the tree with LEGO.

73. Feed the elves.

74. Paint snowmen.

75. Crush candy canes.

76. Print a nativity.

77. See the northern lights.

78. Make a meal.

79. Shape a flake.

80. Dunk cookie dough.

81. Warm up with vanilla.

82. Snack on snowmen.

83. Confess your bad.

84. Enjoy January.

85. Bake a pie.

86. Send cards.

87. Begin a box.

88. Nibble snowmen.

89. Sneak a snooze.

90. Pick a date.

91. Plan a picnic.

92. Spy on penguins.

93. Size up your snooze time.

94. Snack on snow.

95. Get it together.

96. Laugh out loud.

97. Wrap an ornament.

98. Go for a bike ride.

99. Scrub yourself.

100. Cut a rug.

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