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Ride the rails

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(benoit_d / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Experience an entire train journey — without leaving home.

Oliver Burkeman of The Guardian says:

As I'm reminded every time someone urges me to watch a web video longer than about 45 seconds (six minutes? are you kidding me?), the internet doesn't exactly encourage the cultivation of long attention spans. So I was thrilled to learn, via an excellent Metafilter post, about a small online subculture of resistence to the attention-frittering trend: the existence of scores of YouTube videos documenting entire train journeys, some many hours long, from the perspective of the driver in the cab. The video [below] is nine hours and 53 minutes long – it's available in spring, autumn and winter versions too – and while I won't claim to have watched it all, I've spent some pleasant work breaks in Brooklyn watching Scandinavian scenery go by. But perhaps you'd prefer Glasgow to Fort William and Mallaig in Scotland? It's every bit as rainswept – and bleakly beautiful, especially in its latter stages – as you'd imagine.

[watch on YouTube]

link: Life too exciting? Enter the calming world of full-length train journey videos
via: Boing Boing

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