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Fold paint chips into 3D shapes to create amazing origami mosaic art.

Grace of WhimZeeCal says:

For this project I had to demonstrate color and texture through the use of a bas-relif. A bas-relif is a sculpture that is slightly raised in elevation, resulting in a 3-dimenisonal image. [...] After doing some research, I came upon the beautiful origami mosaic of artist Kota Hiratsuka and knew that I wanted to create an origami bas relief. In order to infuse a vary of different color into my project, I decided to use paint chip samples (the kind that you get at any home improvement store) and cut them into 1 inch stripes. After trying out different types of folds, I was able to come up with a six sided hexagram. The next step was to find the right image to form my bas relief. [...] I finally decided upon a pixelated image of a T-Rex which looks like he is jumping out of the page. Since part of the image captures that 3-dimensional element, I only had to cover part of the image with the hexagram to capture the rest. The result is a single image which captures the interplaying between 2-D and 3-D color and texture.

Paper gems (+ templates)
Origami T-Rex Project

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