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Trim the tree

Decorate your Christmas tree with charming handmade ornaments.

3D paper ball ornaments

Button ornaments

Button tree ornaments / Instructions

Candy cane marbled ornaments

Cardboard and paper ornaments

Charlie Brown ornaments

Cinnamon glue ornaments

Crayon drip ornaments

Crocheted Christmas balls

Cupcake ornaments

Dimensional felt ornaments

Doodled ornaments

Fabric scrap ornaments

Felt ogee ornament

Filled glass ornaments

Folded fabric star ornaments

Glass etched ornaments

Glitter galaxy ornaments

Glitter ornaments

Googly eye ornaments

Illuminated snowflake ornament

Hot cocoa ornaments

Lacy punched salt dough ornaments

Melted snowman ornaments

Mosaic ornament

Ombre glass ornaments

Origami decorations

Painted ornaments

Paper balls

Paper ornaments

Pearl ornaments

Pet photo ornaments

Pop can stars

Puff paint ornaments

Puzzle piece ornaments

Quilled snowflake ornaments

Recycled light bulb ornaments

Retro ice cream cone ornaments

Ribbon Christmas tree decoration

Rolled paper ornaments

Scrabble ornaments

Sequin snowman ornaments

Simple painted glass ornaments

Snowboard accident Santa ornament

Snowy balloon ornaments

Sticker-embellished balls

Striped paper ornaments

Superhero ornaments

Texting balls

Time capsule ornaments

Vintage felt baubles

Vintage inspired bell jar ornaments

Winter fawn ornament

Woven paper baubles

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Thanks for sharing our Pop Can Christmas Stars!! Have a great Christmas! xx

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